What numbers say about MetaTrader 5 platform’s popularity among brokerages?

Many clients tell me that they are afraid that MetaTrader 4 platform might get discontinued soon, and that MetaTrader 5 platform is being aggressively sold to them. Starting from year 2018, you can’t even purchase MetaTrader 4 Server platform officially anymore, the only option is to buy version 5. I got curious whether I could measure the current situation.

Since I work with many people in this industry and deal with a lot of statistics, I decided to see if I can compile the small pieces of information I have into a bigger picture. Disclaimer: I have no access to official MetaTrader sales figures, so any data that I have gathered over the last three years from public sources and expert opinions could be inaccurate or even misleading. I have no reliable ways to verify these numbers, and I would welcome any informed feedback that could improve my estimations.

Below is a graph of how many brokerages used MT4 and MT5 over the last two and a half years, version 4 shown with a line of blue color, version 5 is orange.


What conclusions I could draw from the picture above?

  1. As of now, there are more than 2000 brokerage brands, big and tiny, using MetaTrader 4 platform worldwide, and less than 500 brands tried MetaTrader 5.
  2. MT5 adoption is growing, but MT4 platform is also growing at high pace.
  3. End of MT4 Server sales in 2018 did not drop this platform’s popularity, neither did it result in a dramatic jump in MT5 sales.

So what is the trend in adoption rate of MT5 platform as of today? Below is the chart of total share of MT5 servers among all MetaTrader platform servers.


Apparently, the share is growing, but very slowly, and if MetaTrader 4 continues to grow, the new version of the platform might never reach the popularity of its predecessor. If we take into account that MT5 brokerage brands, being newer overall, have in average fewer clients, I could probably infer that in mid 2018 MetaTrader 5 platform accounts for less than 10% of retail MetaTrader clients trading-volume-wise.

Updated on 2018-09-24

Below is how the “popularity” chart looks in September, 2018 — we can see a small decline in the number of active MT4 licenses, MT5 continues to grow at a small pace.


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